We are all about connecting people. We realize encounters between people. We propose the best possible solution to corporate clients seeking the human resources they need, by providing the right people for the right position at the right company, just when they are needed the most.   Since the beginning of its operation in 1995, SELNAJAYA’s resourceful team in recruitment and outsourcing services has served reputable foreign companies seeking human resource solutions. In 2005, SELNAJAYA become a subsidiary of Staff Service Group, Japan’s leading and most advanced across-the –board human resource services provider, and in 2009, became a part of FARO RECRUITMENT, the new cooperate brand name of Staff Service Overseas. With their support, SELNAJAYA is able to link more companies in different regions with more candidates through customized and prompt recruitment and outsourcing solutions. With our discernment over the need for better communication means, we also provide interpreting, translating and language services. As Indonesia’s economy grows, luring more foreign investors of various sectors seeking new operation grounds, SELNAJAYA readies itself to spread its wings, as wide as the clients’ wishes.

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